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Growing Pains
A Decade of debate about water, trash, salt, and ash

By Howard W. Appell and Corrin Strong
Clarion News Staff

As we leaf through 10 years of Clarion back issues, a reoccurring theme presents itself, manifested in the headlines of so many of the 'big' stories.

Livingston, a largely rural and agricultural county with a faltering industrial sector, is facing outside pressures of progress and growth.Those pressures are bringing new kinds of commercial, residential and industrial development into the county-along with a larger and differently styled county government. The new development is symbolized by the 'superplaza' which now looms on the outskirts of Geneseo; the 'bedroom communities' of homes springing up on one time farmland along the Route 390 expressway, and the new industrial 'parks' at the expressway exits, where the county government is building infrastructure to foster new industry and jobs.

None of this new growth is painless. In virtually every case, conservative or special interests have opposed the changes being wrought. It is the dynamic between the conservative interests attempting to preserve 'the county we know and love' and the progressive interests promising economic improvement and improved quality of life, which has been the launching pad for so many Clarion top stories of the past decade.

To illustrate these themes of development and progress and perhaps to get a glimpse of where we are going, we are looking back at some of the most important issues and biggest stories which The Clarion featured during its first ten years.




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