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April/May '93

Sorry this issue is out of print. Reprints of individual articles are available for purchase. Click here to download a complete index and price list for all articles published to date. Our site is also now searchable.(Note: this index is a .pdf document. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print it.) If you do not have Acrobat you may obtain it free from Adobe.

The Genesee Country Yesterday & Today

Reading the Genesee Landscape by Scott Adamson
Look back 400 million years to understand how the present Genesee Country was shaped.

Genesee Country: Before the Europeans by J. Sheldon Fisher
Members of the Iroquois Confederacy were a persistent people. Their constant wars eventually dissolved into the Great Peace.

River of Light by Georgia Mullen
Mirrors, music and one tightly focused beam of light tell the story of Rochester and the Genesee River.

Farms Under Pressure by Corrin Strong
Two years of disastrous weather have Genesee Country farmers on the ropes.

Goodbye, Country Roads by Mike Kelley
Shrinking countryside is only one of the changes that has transformed the Genesee Valley Hunt, a 117-year-old valley tradition.


The Open Door by Publisher Corrin Strong
Welcome to the Western Door!

Genesee Country Sketches: Spring Comes to Vernal Pond by Scott Adamson
A seasonal woodland pond is wet and teeming with life in the spring, but, look fast, the plants and animals disappear before summer.

Crossroad Cafe: Texaco Town by Georgia Mullen
For 50 years it was just a tiny truck stop with the reputation for the worst coffee in America.

Just Folks: Ted Zornow, Pittsford's monument to agriculture by Bill Steinhardt
Ted, 85, still runs the family beanmill in the heart of swanky Pittsford.

Main Streets: The Mystique of Cheshire by Georgia Mullen
With neither stop light nor stop sign, the wee hamlet of Cheshire is drawing a devoted clientele.

Home Away from Home: Benedict House Bed & Breakfast by Bill Steinhardt
Edee Stewart-Benedict's LeRoy B&B is dripping with charm.

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