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Hi Corrin,

I was shocked and a little saddened when I looked at my copy of the Clarion this week and saw that the newspaper had been sold. I have been an admirer of yours and a regular subscriber to the Clarion for many years. I agree with the stand you have taken on most local issues and especially so on the Newman Development plan. This community needs people like you and the others who are not afraid to speak out against big box development in our town. Keep up the good work! With no newspaper to keep me posted, I'll be watching the website regularly. By the way, I just looked at the website to see what comments had already been posted and found that page was not available. I assume that means you have been overwhelmed with comments.

Russell Laidlaw


Last November I was in Geneseo to handle some estate matters. I had made it 6 months as the novice Editor of the monthly, all volunteer Discover Conesus newspaper. After the estate meeting I took the time to introduce myself to the PooBahs of the two local papers. Mark Gillespie was out of the office at the Livingston County News. So I chatted with the keeper of the front desk, updated my subscription, caused a few chuckles, and left a copy of Discover Conesus. As I walked along Main Street, I saw my mission as half complete. The LCN offices had been neat, orderly, competently staffed. Very business like. Pretty much what I had expected. As I stood outside 39 Main Street, I was preparing myself to be met by Vincent Price, or maybe Sherlock Holmes as I studied the architecture of the building. I should have been thinking more along the lines of Jerry Garcia working the counter of a Key West bait shop. The moment I opened the door the chaos struck me. Boxes in the hall way, files scattered up the stairs, neon signs in need of repair leaning against the wall. I was reminded of my own home. And felt the comfort that comes from such thoughts. There was no receptionist. I had to start wandering to find a person. I saw a fellow in a white shirt, glasses wedged up on his forehead, tapping away on a keyboard at a computer in a high ceilinged room that might have once been called a parlor. The caricature by Tom Fox was right on target. There was no mistaking Corrin Strong. I approached a little cautiously, never wanting to stop a man at work. "What can I do for ya?" were the first words I heard from Corrin. I gave him my spiel, making sure he knew I was a Clarion subscriber, and set a copy of Discover Conesus on the corner of his cluttered desk. As he set his glasses to his nose, he asked what qualifications I had to be an Editor, and I explained my resume was short; I could read, owned a dictionary, and hadn't run fast enough. He had a hint of a grin as he flipped through our paper, asking questions about who we used as a printer, what our circulation was, subscription costs, ad rates, how we handled layout, etc. I answered all truthfully. Newspapers have their sources, and he could check us out with a couple of phone calls. He flipped through a few more times, and stopped at the masthead and pointed a finger to a name asking "Isn't this also Jean Bommelje?" I smiled knowing we were sharing an inside joke, and mentioned that I was still studying up on First Amendment Law, and issues of libel. His grin was becoming more obvious. As his glasses went back to the top of his head and his fingers back to the keyboard, he asked if he could keep the paper, and with my "Yes" , he went back to work saying "Give me a call if I can help you out."
I had been dismissed.
But I was smiling.
I did learn from Corrin; and the LCN.
From the Clarion I learned how NOT to do an April Fools edition.
But I also learned to try to keep it fun.
And to roll with the punches. And that a deadline means more than the powers out.
Enjoy your retirement Corrin. When they ask what you're going to do now, just tell them, "Anything I want."

Scott MacFarlane
Editor; Discover Conesus


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