ClarionCall Blogs Help & FAQ

We realize that many former Clarion newspaper readers may be first time users of a blog. We're new at this too, so it's going to be a joint learning experience. Below we've answered some of what we expect will be frequently asked questions. If you don't get the answers you need, please contact us at Happy blogging!

1. What is a blog?

According to Wikipedia, “A blog is a user-generated website where entries are made in journal style and displayed in a reverse chronological order." The most important part of this definition is the word "user." A blog is intended to create a community of users who comment on issues of mutual interest. Bill Lofquist and Corrin Strong are continuing their former print columns online, but for these blogs to succeed, you the reader, must decide to join in the discussion. Our web counters tell us that we have over 1,000 visitors a week to the blog pages (O.K. maybe some of you have visited more than once!) We invite the hundreds of you who are interested in the future of Geneseo to take advantage of the interactive features (as explained below) to make these your blogs. Post new information, disagree with us or ask a question, but please participate! We know you're out there!

2. How do I make a comment?

We have made the blogs so that you do not have to register to comment, and if you want, you can blog anonymously or under a pseudonym, even if your name is Greg Lamb. Simply click on the word comment at the bottom of each posting and a separate screen will pop up where you can read previous comments and add your own. Please be aware, however, that all comments are moderated to avoid libel, flaming and spamming, so there will be a small delay before your comment is posted. This does not mean that we will censor contrary opinions. If you think PDDG and this site are full of baloney, we will still post your comments, as long as you are well reasoned and civil. As former newspaper publishers we do have a bias for people using their real names.

3. Why won't the home page display correctly?

The home page is designed to display correctly on monitors set to a minimum width of 1024 pixels. This is only roughly related to the actual width of your screen. As one wag put it, "Trying to understand Pixels Per Inch is easier than spit-roasting a jellyfish - but only marginally." For our purposes all you really need to understand is that most computers, no matter how big the monitor, can be set a different resolutions. Typically you need to open up something called a monitor control panel and muck about until you find a button that allows for "higher resolution." If you can change the resolution to a number 1024 or higher, you should be able to read the page just fine. Here's a caution, however: Sometimes changing the resolution may cause the fonts on your machine to become smaller. If this is a problem you will need to find another control panel that allows you to increase the size of your fonts. If the whole idea of making all these changes makes you break out in a cold sweat, and you don't have access to a computer guru to help, we have an easier solution. All the blogs on can be brought up, one at a time, through a link on The PDDG File page where they will display quite well.

If you have any other questions please contact us at