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30 issues of Genesee Country magazine were published from 1993-2001. While back issues of most of these issues are still available, here are some of our favorite stories to whet your appetite!

A few of our

Greatest Hits!

1. Elizabeth Wadsworth: Lily of the Valley
    by David W. Parish

Published in Vol.1 # 3 (Aug./Sept. '93), this story of love's obstacles is one of our all-time most requested. Unfortunately the issue has been out of print for some time, but now through the magic of the World Wide Web the story has been reborn!

2. The Kingdom of the Genesee
    by Sheldon Fisher

Published in Vol 1 #2 (June/July '92) this article tells the little-known story of Aaron Burr's alleged scheme to found a seperate country in the western states and the role of the Genesee Country in that plot.

3. The Sons of Old Monroe
    by Brian Bennett

Published in Vol 1 #2 (June/July '92) this article tells the heroic story of N.Y.S.'s 140th Regiment led into battle at Gettysburg by Col. Patrick Henry O'Rourke.

5. The Morgan Affair: A kidnapping that changed American politics
by Martin Naparsteck

Published in Vol 2 #1 (April / May '94). The threat of William Morgan to reveal the secrets of Freemasonry may have led to his kidnapping and death in 1824.

6. Riot or Rebellion
by Corrin Strong

Published in Vol 2 #3 (Aug. / Sept. '94), this article takes a look at the Rochester Race Riots of 1964 as part of a special issue on race relations in the Genesee Country.

7. When Giants walked the Earth
by Kirk House
Published in Vol 4 #3 (Autumn '96), this article recounts the history of presidential campaigning in the early days of the Genesee Country.

8. Batavia's most famous madam
    by Georgia Mullen

Published in Vol 4 #4 (Winter '96), this article tells the story of Edna Gruber through the memories of her granddaughter Edna Miller.

9. The Treaty of Big Tree
    by Barber Conable

Published in Vol 5 #3 (Autumn '97), this article by the former Congressman was published at the time of the 200th Anniversary of the 1797 treaty.

10. The Other Hartford House
    by Phillip Basham & Corrin Strong

Published in the Spring 2001 issue, this article gives the history of the Villa of the 3rd Marquis of Hertford in Regents Park, London. That Villa was visited by future Gen. James S. Wadsworth and his bride Mary Vraig Wharton on their honeymoon in 1834. They liked the Villa so much that they received the plans and built a replica of the house in Geneseo in 1835.

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