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1. We are primarily in the publication business. However, please understand we are not a library, a tourist information agency or a travel agency. We can not possibly respond to all the specific questions that we receive about Western New York. Often times the information requested is already available on our site. You may wish to try our Google site search above.

2. If this does not provide the answer you may wish to call one of our tourism agency sponsors. A complete list of contacts for all 17 counties in Western New York is provided here. Many of these agencies have toll-free numbers and web sites of their own for further research.

3. If you wish to make a comment or suggestion for our site, we would prefer you to email our webmaster. That way we can easily separate your communication from the hundreds of junk e-mails that we receive and give it our immediate attention. If you wish to order any of our back issues, please call us at 585-243-3530.

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