Public comments were heard on Newman Development's DEIS as well as their application for a special use permit, site plan and subdivision approvals at a 4 1/2 hour public hearing on October 29. The hearing was a joint meeting of the Geneseo Planning Board and Town Board. The Town Board also heard comments on the PDD zoning application. The transcript of the meeting, a 162 page PDF file, is available here: Public hearing transcript

In addition to comments at the public hearing, written comments were received up until Nov. 8. Three separate memos were written by Bill Lofquist. They are available as PDFs below:

Planning and zoning issues (17 pages + 10 pages of appendices)

Traffic issues (8 pages + 51 pages of appendices)

Other issues, including “dark store” protection, “precedent” effects and economic impacts (6 pages + 39 pages of appendices)

An additional 3-page memo submitted by Corrin Strong, is also available as a pdf here.