1. Attachment referenced in November 30, 2005, email of Tom Lucey. This email was provided by the Town as part of my original FOIL request, but without the attachment We have not received this document and do not know its contents. The email exchange to which it was attached provided clear evidence of a very close relationship between Newman and the Town and a willingness on the part of the Town to place Newman's interests above the public's interests.

2. Correspondence of K. Kamlet to and/or reviewed by Attorney Ronald Hull on December 13, 2005;

3. Correspondence from Newman Development Group to Town of Geneseo referenced in August 17, 2006, billing record of Attorney Hull;

4. Correspondence regarding SEQR procedures referenced in September 5, 2006, billing record of Attorney Hull;

5. Correspondence from K. Kamlet regarding revised EAF referenced in September 7, 2006, billing record of Attorney Hull.

In addition to these requests, Bill Lofquistg requested the billing records or attorney work records of Underberg and Kessler for the work of any of its attorneys for the Town of Geneseo for the period June 11, 2005, to August 31, 2005.

Though UK apparently submitted no voucher to the Town of Geneseo for this period, the record clearly indicates that UK did significant work for the Town during this time. The period from June 8, 2005, when the Town held a public hearing on the Planned Development District law, to July 14, 2005, when the Town passed that law, was particularly active.

During this period of time, UK attended meetings of the Town of Geneseo, prepared the SEQR filings for the PDD law, corresponded with Town Board members regarding the PDD law, and so on.