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Cartoons by Tom Paul Fox & Corrin Strong


Editor Corrin Strong and Artist Tom Fox have been teaming up to produce editorial cartoons for the last four years. Corrin is the idea man who decides which stories to feature and comes up with many of the concepts for the cartoons. Tom, a former cartoonist for the Binghamton Evening Press, provides the execution and many great ideas as well. Their cartoons have won first place awards in the New York Press Association's Better Newspaper Contest two years in a row. Cartoons may be reprinted with permission of the publisher.
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1. Getting Snippy (11/16/00)

The election debacle with Bush and Gore shows America- especially Florida, about proper
ballots, hanging chads and recounts in one of the closest and most bizarre presidential elections




2. 9/11 Anniversary (9/12/02)

One year after the terrorist attacks on the United States, we look back with some pride
on the dark days of the previous September and see terrorism across the globe in retreat.
That is for the most part due to the bravery of our people in uniform backed by the firm
resolve of our nation's leadership. And we continue to surge forward, remembering 9/11
as a day of not only terror, but of heroism and selfless sacrifice.




3. Hopes dim for last Empire Zone (10/24/02)

With an estimated three dozen counties still in the running and five of the six new Empire
Zones already announced, Livingston County's chance at securing the last zone appears slim.
New York Empire Zones were established in 1986 as a remedy for areas which had recently
experienced severe economic losses-typically the pullout or closure of some major employer.
"Not having a zone puts the county at a terrible disadvantage when competing for new and
expanding industry"
-Patrick Rountree, Livingston County director of economic development.



4. Gary Least gets probation (10/31/02)

Rochester City Court Judge Patricia Marks passed sentence on Gary and daughter Tarryn in
the high profile Least Dealership fraud case. Charges of Forgery and Scheming
to Defraud were
first brought against the Leasts the previous December, but only probation, jail work release and
community service were handed out. The defense argued that because of Gary's medical conditions,
sending him to prison would be a death sentence. More than 80 people were defrauded by the Least dealership, as well as banks, companies, and manufacturers that were affected by the scandal.




5. Town of Grove moovin' to Liv. Co.? (11/7/02)

There seems to have always been something about Livingston County that attracts towns
in northern Allegany County. Call it charisma or call it demographic affinity, but the town

of Grove has become the latest to want to secede and join Livingston County. A major issue
concerning the interest in Livingston County is Swain Ski Slope; the substantial revenue
derived from the popular ski center and the cost Grove taxpayers experience having the

ski center in their town.


6. Unfunded state mandates blamed again for tax increase (11/14/02)

While many of it's neighboring counties are facing double digit increases, Livingston County's
2003 budget increase will be six percent. The budget will allow county services to be maintained at
their current levels and there will be no significant changes in staffing. In recent years, increasing
unfunded state mandates from state government, highlighted by the increasing cost of Medicaid
for the county has been the biggest cause of increasing county taxes.



7. Energy East/Rochester Gas & Electric seeks rate increase (12/5/02

RG&E, acquired by the holding company Energy East the previous June, proposed to increase
its annual electricity rates by $40 million (6.4 percent) and natural gas rates by $19 million.
(6.8 percent) The corporation has threatened massive layoffs of personnel and closure of five
of its regional satellite facilities in Geneseo, Canandaigua, Fillmore, Belmont and Sodus and
two Rochester offices unless the
increase is granted.


8. Foster Wheeler closing deals another blow to local economy (12/12/02)

Foster Wheeler Ltd. officially announced the closing of its Dansville facility, one of Livingston
County's largest and most prosperous industries. The company had come close to closure
before, and this time citing "continued financial losses at the plant, the inability to reduce
future operating cost, and the decline in business conditions in the energy sector."




9. Rt. 63 Corridor truck traffic studied (12/19/02)


An ongoing New York State Department of Transportation study is attempting to address
the popular trucking path between Pembroke on I-90 and Mt. Morris on I-390, comprised
of routes 77, 20, and 63, or alternately 36. The great number and percentage of trucks
(an average of 2,046 trucks each day, 31% of the total corridor traffic) has caused safety
and quality of life issues to arise.




10. County to hike sales tax, impose austerity (1/16/03)

In its effort to come to grips with exponentially increasing Medicare costs, Livingston County
has plans to enact a 33 percent increase in sales tax–from 3 to 4 percent– on the heels of
this year's 12-to-13 percent effective increase in local property taxation. The county program
for coping includes not only tax increases, but also spending controls. Equipment and
purchasing freezes are now in effect for all county departments.





11. SUNY tuition to go up 40%? (1/30/03)

The Board of Trustees of the State University of New York authorized a 2003-04 budget that instituted
a 41% tuition increase, from $3,400 to $4,800 at SUNY Geneseo and the other 63 campuses that comprises

the SUNY system. If approved by both houses of the NYS legislature, this would be first tuition hike
in seven years, since the $750 increase in 1995-1996.



12. Sheriff to accept credit cards for bail (5/15/03)

Livingston County Sheriff John M. York announced the implementation of a program which provides the
Jail the ability for bail to be posted by credit card. "This will help alleviate overcrowding at the Livingston Co. Jail, primarily on nights and weekends when banks are closed and access to cash bail is unavailable." Sheriff York said.




13. Lonsberry fired by WHAM (10/2/03)

Mt. Morris resident and popular outspoken talk show host Bob Lonsberry was suspended from his radio job over an alleged racist remark. During an offhand comment made during his 'Listeners on the Loose' segment of his daily show on Sept. 18, Lonsberry commented that he heard that an escaped orangutan discussed earlier was running for County Executive. Some took the remark as a racial slur against Rochester's black Mayor William Johnson who was a candidate for the position. The NAACP, local clergy, politicians and newspaper editors insisted and demanded Lonsberry's suspension from the station be permament.