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Readers Comments:
On our 10th Anniversary, readers reflect on what The Clarion means to them. If you would like to add your comments, please e-mail us

In the beginning . . .
By Clarion Founder Bob Savage

Back by popular demand: The Geneseo column
By David A. Parish

Keep a close watch on the guy writing those editorials!
By Art Hatton

A great place to learn the ropes
By Kirt Zimmer

How to make a million in publishing
By Les Cole

The lake thanks you
By Jean Meekin

My special Clarion recollection
By Steve Newvine

I always looked forward to Monday
By Georgia Mullen

You listen to me Mr. Big Shot Publisher!
By Pete and Eileen Gottschalk

The calf-man cometh
By David W. Parish

Thanks for all you do
By Vicki Bell

The Joy of Geese and Reporting
By Kirk House

"We don't make a lot of money, but we sure have fun."
By Terry Procter

A stepping stone to fame and glory
By Donna Avery

Memories of the Clarion Publications poster child
By Mary Alice (Malice) Strong

"My turn to (Wo-) Man the Copier"
By Jo Kirk

Horsey thoughts
By Sally Fox

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